Six Evangelism Styles


Last night some of the students from FearONE attended the Ignite Student Conference (Fort Worth). We meet some pretty cool people and heard some great speakers talk about living out the gospel. One of the speakers was Mark Mittleberg (author of Becoming A Contagious Christian). Mark’s talk was extremely relevant to our group. Mark described six types of evangelism styles:

  • Confrontational: Peter, Acts 2.

  • Intellectual / Philosophical: Paul, Acts 17.

  • Testimonial: Blind Man, John 9

  • Interpersonal: Matthew, Luke 5:29

  • Invitational: Woman at the Well, John 4

  • Serving: Dorcas (Tabitha), Acts 9: 36ff

According to Mark, these evangelism styles usually go along with our individual personalities. I think there is a lot of truth in that statement, however, sometimes God calls us to step out of our norm to share the gospel. Perhaps your individual style may be more Interpersonal or Invitational, but a Confrontational style may be needed for a particular situation. Trust that Jesus will be with you and step out of your normal style. The key to effective evangelism is to DO evangelism.

Want to learn more about different evangelism styles? Click here for a quiz to help determine your dominant evangelism style. Also check out this article about the different evangelism styles: Discover Your Evangelism Style

Which Evangelism Style are you? Let me know in the comments.

For His Glory,

Roger Koonce


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