One of our core values at FearONE is to prepare students to DO ministry. Last night we had the opportunity to watch this value in action.




As Bree (12 yrs old) lead our student Bible Study last night, she encouraged her peers to live UNASHAMED.

Bree reminded students that Jesus left us with one mission..to make disciples. She said sharing the Gospel is “our job.” While it is our job to share the Gospel, it’s the Holy Spirit who actually does the work. Bree relayed the importance of allowing the Spirit to work in a persons life and not beating them over the head with the Bible. Praying for the right opportunities to share Jesus with a friend is extremely important.

Bree encouraged students to accept people as they are and love them for who they are. Loving people well helps open hearts to hear the Gospel. Bree finished by talking to students about being unashamed of the Gospel even in the face of persecution. Through tears she relayed several stories of how she has been ridiculed for sharing Christ with her friends, but with a bold confidence she said she would keep sharing the Gospel because it has the power to save.

I pray everyday that God would continue to raise up young men and young women with this kind of faith.

For His Name and Renown,




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